Best Fuel tank Monitoring System for tankers in Nigeria.

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GPS Car tracking company provides the Best fuel tank monitoring for tankers solutions in Nigeria which enables each user to have indepth analysis of fuel usage and fuel theft. With our fuel tank monitoring system in Nigeria, fuel station managers can remotely monitor the level of fuel in each tankers on the road and monitor any fuel theft.

Steps to take to monitor fuel theft from tankers in Nigeria

    There are basically five essential part to track fuel tanker theft with our fuel tanker monitoring in Nigeria: the pump, the tank gauge, the fuel management system, the fuel access device and the software.
  1. Install a unique Driver Tags to each Driver's key.

  2. Vehicles and/or drivers are allocated a unique ID in the form of a Tag, Card, Kisskey or PIN. This ID is used to validate their identity and grant them access to fuel stocks. On contact between the vehicle ID and the fuel management system, further information that may be required is entered or retrieved and transferred centrally to a secure storage database on the web.
  3. Equip each fuel tankers with our Robust Fuel tanker monitoring unit.

  4. With the help of our software you can track any changes in the volume of oil in the tank.

GPS Tracking Nigeria robust vehicle management software incorporates qualitative fuel tanker monitoring and reporting system; a unique web-based interface with a series of dashboards that provide the user with as much or as little information about their fleet as required. Typically, operators use the software to gain an understanding of their fuelling costs and view a detailed breakdown of fuel stock consumption by user, vehicle and site.

Types of Fuel tank Monitoring system for tankers in Nigeria.

There are three main aspects to Fuel tank monitoring system for tankers: fuel management system in Nigeria

Step 1: Measuring fuel tank levels

When fuel is delivered to a site, the amount of fuel transferred from the delivery tank to the onsite fuel storage tank is measured using an electronic Tank Gauge. This data is automatically fed in to the Fuel tank monitoring system for tankers and provides a clear picture of the current tank stock. The gauges can also carry out leak detection analysis.

Step 2: Driver Identification and Validation

Whenever a vehicle is refuelled, the fuel dispensed is monitored and accounted for. The dispensing equipment interfaces with the Fuel Management System and drivers can be identified by using a non contact tag, Kisskey or PIN number.

Step 3: Comprehensive fuel data reports

Fuelling data and reports are charted by GPS Fleetmatic Software; This software computes data gathered from various sensor and parameters to produce a real-time reporting and detailed information for the fuel manager.

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